Is LinkedIn Premium Worth It? Use Cases & Benefits In 2023

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Key Takeaways

  • LinkedIn Premium offers a suite of additional features and tools designed to optimize networking, job-seeking, and business development efforts on the platform.
  • Premium users enjoy the advantage of unlimited searches, InMail credits, and an open profile option, allowing for more expansive and targeted networking.
  • LinkedIn Learning, accessible to Premium users, is a platform brimming with courses across diverse disciplines, from soft skills like leadership to technical courses on software and tools.
  • The subscription cost of LinkedIn Premium varies based on the plan chosen and the region a user is located in.
  • Whether LinkedIn Premium is worth the investment depends on the individual’s goals, industry, and the intensity of their usage of the platform.
  • Premium can offer significant benefits for job seekers, sales professionals, recruiters, and entrepreneurs.
  • The value proposition of LinkedIn Premium often hinges on weighing the benefits against the costs and aligning it with one’s goals.

What is LinkedIn Premium?

LinkedIn Premium is an enhanced version of LinkedIn, offering users a suite of additional features and tools designed to optimize their networking, job-seeking, and business development efforts on the platform.

While the standard LinkedIn offers a robust platform for professionals to connect, share content, and explore job opportunities, LinkedIn Premium takes it several notches higher, aiming to provide an edge in the competitive professional landscape.

Different Tiers of LinkedIn Premium

The Difference Between LinkedIn & LinkedIn Premium

  1. Accessibility: While the basic LinkedIn allows users to build profiles, connect with others, and post updates, its functionalities have limitations, especially when it comes to accessing advanced search features and viewing full profiles of those outside one’s immediate network.
  2. Networking Capabilities: LinkedIn Premium enhances networking opportunities. The InMail feature, for instance, allows users to directly reach out to anyone on the platform, even if they aren’t connected. This opens doors to a broader audience, from potential employers to industry influencers.
  3. Insights: One of the standout features of LinkedIn Premium is the enriched insight it provides. Users can see who has viewed their profile in the last 90 days, offering potential networking opportunities. Moreover, Premium users get a detailed analysis of job postings, including how they compare to other applicants.
  4. Learning Opportunities: LinkedIn Learning, accessible to Premium users, is a platform brimming with courses across diverse disciplines, from soft skills like leadership to technical courses on software and tools.
  5. Enhanced Search & Visibility: Premium users enjoy the advantage of unlimited searches and an open profile option, allowing anyone on LinkedIn to view their full profile and reach out.

In essence, while LinkedIn serves as a solid foundation for professional networking, LinkedIn Premium is geared towards those looking to aggressively expand their network, acquire in-depth market insights, learn new skills, and gain an edge in their job search or business endeavors.

Features of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium elevates your experience on the platform with enhanced features designed to provide a competitive edge.

Here’s a closer look at some of its most notable offerings:

InMail Credits

InMail is arguably one of the most powerful tools in LinkedIn Premium. With these credits, you can directly message anyone on LinkedIn, even if you aren’t connected.

This is invaluable for reaching out to potential employers, business partners, or industry influencers, making networking more expansive and targeted.

Different versions of LinkedIn Premium give you more InMail credits

CareerBusinessSales Navigator CoreRecruiter Lite
5 Credits15 Credits50 Credits30 Credits

Who Has Viewed Your Profile

Curiosity piqued about who’s checking out your profile? This feature provides insight into exactly who has viewed your page over the last 90 days. Not only does this feed your curiosity, but it also offers networking opportunities.

Recognize a name from a company you’re interested in? It might be time to reach out.

Linked Learning Courses

Professional development is an ongoing journey. LinkedIn Learning, available to Premium users, is packed with courses across various domains. Whether you’re aiming to hone a specific skill, explore a new area, or delve into leadership training, there’s likely a course tailored for you.

Unlimited Searches & Open Profile Option

The search limitations on the basic version of LinkedIn can be restrictive for heavy users. With LinkedIn Premium, enjoy the freedom of unlimited searches. The Open Profile option ensures that your profile is completely visible to all LinkedIn members, paving the way for more diverse connections and opportunities.

In a nutshell, LinkedIn Premium is crafted for those aiming to dive deeper, connect wider, and leverage the platform’s capabilities to their fullest.

LinkedIn Premium Pricing & Costs

Investing in LinkedIn Premium is essentially investing in your professional future. However, it’s natural to question the monetary aspect of this investment. Let’s break down the costs and the different pricing plans available:

How Much Does LinkedIn Premium Cost?

LinkedIn Premium’s pricing can vary based on the specific plan you’re interested in and the region you’re located in.

CareerBusinessSales Navigator CoreRecruiter Lite

Each of these plans caters to specific professional needs.

When considering the value, it’s essential to weigh the features and benefits against the costs to determine if they align with your goals.

Major Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

Diving into LinkedIn Premium is not just about paying for an upgraded version of LinkedIn. It’s about accessing a richer, more interactive, and potent platform that can revolutionize your professional journey. Here’s why:

Specific Benefits for Sales, Recruitment, and Job-Seeking

  • Sales Professionals: With LinkedIn Sales Navigator, salespeople can easily identify key leads, engage with potential clients, and stay updated on account opportunities. It’s a game-changer for targeting and lead conversion.
  • Recruiters: LinkedIn Recruiter Lite offers recruiters the ability to scan and reach out to prime candidates, keep track of their recruitment pipelines, and ensure they’re connecting with the best talent out there.
  • Job Seekers: For those on the hunt for their next big opportunity, LinkedIn Premium offers insights into how they compare to other applicants, making it easier to tailor applications and stand out.

Networking and Business Expansion Opportunities

With the InMail feature, reaching out to industry influencers, potential clients, or future employers becomes more straightforward.

LinkedIn InMail

By sending personalized messages, you can directly connect, creating avenues for collaboration, partnerships, or even mentorship.

Hone Your Skills with LinkedIn Learning

Continual learning is key in today’s rapidly evolving professional landscape. LinkedIn Learning, with its plethora of courses, ensures you’re always ahead of the curve, be it in technology, soft skills, or industry-specific knowledge.

Connect with New Companies & Individuals

LinkedIn Premium amplifies your networking scope. It’s not just about connecting; it’s about connecting right. With advanced search and visibility features, you can strategically grow your network, aligning it more closely with your professional aspirations.

Benefits of Open Profile Option

The Open Profile feature means your profile is accessible to all LinkedIn members. This visibility ensures that you’re not missing out on potential opportunities.

Whether a recruiter from your dream company stumbles upon your profile or a startup founder feels you’d be the right fit for their team, having an open profile can be the gateway to unforeseen opportunities.

LinkedIn Open Profile

Is LinkedIn Premium Worth the Money?

The value proposition of LinkedIn Premium often hinges on the individual’s goals, industry, and the intensity of their usage of the platform.

As with any investment, it’s crucial to weigh the benefits against the costs.

The Result of Getting LinkedIn Premium

Those who transition to LinkedIn Premium often notice a marked difference in their networking efforts.

The ability to send InMails, coupled with insights about profile viewers, can open doors to opportunities that might remain shut otherwise. Additionally, with LinkedIn Learning, users often find themselves equipped with new skills and insights, making them more marketable and informed in their domains.

Who Would Benefit the Most?

  • Job Seekers: Access to job insights, direct outreach to potential employers, and the ability to stand out in applications makes LinkedIn Premium particularly valuable for job hunters.
  • Sales Professionals: The precision targeting offered by Sales Navigator can be a boon, helping in lead generation and conversion.
  • Recruiters: With enhanced candidate search and outreach capabilities, it’s a significant upgrade for those in the talent acquisition field.
  • Business Leaders & Entrepreneurs: For those looking to grow their businesses, the networking and insight tools can prove invaluable.

Who Wouldn’t Benefit

Not everyone needs the extended features of LinkedIn Premium. For instance:

  • Casual Users: If you’re someone who occasionally logs in to check updates without any active networking or job-seeking agenda, the free version might suffice.
  • Those on a Tight Budget: Professionals early in their career or those in transition phases, might find the subscription cost a tad steep, especially if they aren’t leveraging all the features.

FAQs on LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn Premium comes with an array of features that can sometimes be overwhelming or confusing. Here’s a breakdown of some frequently asked questions to provide clarity:

Does LinkedIn Premium Show Who Searched You?

Yes, with LinkedIn Premium, you gain access to a more detailed list of who has viewed your profile in the last 90 days. Unlike the standard version where you might see only a limited set of viewers, Premium allows you to see everyone, including their job title and the company they work for. It’s a valuable insight for those keen on understanding their professional reach and impact.

Can I Use LinkedIn Premium Without Paying?

LinkedIn occasionally offers a one-month free trial for its Premium features. However, to continue using Premium beyond this trial, a subscription fee is required. It’s worth noting that if you decide not to continue with Premium after the trial, you should cancel before the trial ends to avoid any charges.

Will LinkedIn Premium Help Me Get a Job?

LinkedIn Premium can significantly enhance a job seeker’s visibility and provide valuable insights, such as how one ranks among other applicants for a specific position. It offers the ability to directly message recruiters or hiring managers via InMail, even if they aren’t in your connections. However, while LinkedIn Premium provides tools and insights to aid in the job search, it doesn’t guarantee a job. Success in job hunting also depends on factors like the strength of your profile, your professional background, and how you leverage the platform.

Can LinkedIn Premium Increase My Digital / Content / Influencer / Social Media Marketing Impact?

Absolutely. For digital marketers, content creators, influencers, and those in the social media domain, LinkedIn Premium can offer insights into post performance, detailed analytics, and more visibility through the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” feature. It can also allow for direct outreach to potential collaborators, clients, or even sponsors, giving an edge in networking. Moreover, with LinkedIn Learning, professionals can continuously upgrade their skills in digital marketing, content creation, and more.

Conclusion: 5 Reasons Why LinkedIn Premium Might be Worth it for You

Deciding on whether to invest in LinkedIn Premium depends largely on your professional goals and how intensively you use the platform.

But as we’ve delved deep into its offerings, here are five standout reasons why making the jump to Premium might just be the game-changer you need:

The Value of InMail

InMail stands out as one of the most potent tools of LinkedIn Premium. It transcends the boundary of connections, allowing you to reach out directly to anyone on the platform. Whether you’re a job seeker trying to catch a recruiter’s attention, a sales professional reaching out to a potential lead, or simply someone looking to network, InMail can often make the difference between a missed opportunity and a fruitful connection.

Access to LinkedIn Learning

In today’s fast-paced professional landscape, continuous learning is paramount. With LinkedIn Learning, you get access to a plethora of courses spanning a range of industries and skills. From mastering digital marketing to understanding the nuances of AI in business, there’s a course for everyone, making it a significant boon for those committed to career growth.

Gauging Your Effectiveness on LinkedIn

The analytics and insights provided by LinkedIn Premium can be eye-opening. Knowing who’s viewed your profile or how you compare to other job applicants can provide actionable feedback. It’s not just about understanding your reach but also about tweaking your approach based on data-driven insights.

The Power of Unlimited Searches

Whether you’re in recruitment, sales, or just keen on expanding your network, the ability to conduct unlimited searches is invaluable. The advanced search filters, combined with the Open Profile option, ensures you can find and reach out to the right professionals without any constraints.

LinkedIn Premium: A Smart Investment for Your Professional Future?

Considering all its features, LinkedIn Premium can undeniably be seen as a strategic investment for your professional future. While the immediate benefits are clear in terms of networking and learning, the long-term value lies in solidifying your position in your industry, fostering meaningful professional relationships, and staying ahead of the curve.

To sum it up, if you’re serious about leveraging LinkedIn to its fullest potential, going Premium might just be the key to unlocking opportunities you didn’t even know existed.