Engage on LinkedIn, at lightning speed, with curated, dynamic, and custom feeds.

Engage as yourself or your business pages.

Actionable insights on content and engagement performance.

Track your activity and growth, and do more of what works.

See at a glance how your content is performing, or dive deep to know what to do more of.

Keep the conversation going in the quick-reply feed

Quickly reply to everyone that's engaged with your content.

Engage where it matters, when it matters.

Aware helps guide you, yet you have complete control.

Hand-curated influencer feeds

Engage with top influencers in your industry.

Attract a lot of new eyeballs by engaging with top influencers in your niche.

Top leads & Community

Aware surfaces the content of those that engage with you the most.

Nurture your budding and existing relationships by staying engaged with your leads and community.

Custom feeds

The LinkedIn feed is useless, and engaging is time-consuming. We solved that.

Create unlimited custom feeds of people you want to engage with: prospect lists, customer lists, competitors, advocates and influencers - you name it.

And don't forget to bring your team along for the ride.

Include your team for exponential growth.

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Growing your personal brand on LinkedIn can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Aware changes that.

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    • This thing is fire, affordable and effective!

      Charles Moreton
      Co-Founder at Win Spectrum
    • I'm smiling because I spend so much time inside of LinkedIn where you've just gathered everything that I'm looking for into a dashboard. So the time that I would have spent scrolling, skimming, scanning, and following up, etcetera... this presents a far clearer picture.

      Graham Riley
    • Aware's LinkedIn activity monitoring is unique and is helping me stay up to date on posts from key contacts.


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Growth Exploder: Personal

Grow your personal brand on LinkedIn at lightning speed.


  • Content analytics
  • Content engagement analytics
  • Recent activity stream
  • Quick-reply feed
  • Engagement activity analytics
  • Top leads insights
  • Top leads engagement feed
  • Hand-curated Influencer list
  • Hand-curated Influencer list engagement feed
  • Create unlimited custom engagement feeds
  • Quick-response support
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Growth Exploder: Business

Grow your business brand on LinkedIn at lightning speed.


  • Everything in the Personal plan
  • Ability to engage on behalf of your Company/Pages
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Social Selling Course

$487 value!

Access to our on-demand video course, 7-Figure Social Selling, detailing how co-founder Alex Boyd has brought in over $4.2M in sales from his LinkedIn presence, with step-by-step instructions for how you can do the same as well. Rated 5/5 stars by our students! This is priced at $487, but you get it for free when you sign up for Aware.

LinkedIn Post Swipe file

Get post-writing inspiration from the best.

Our LinkedIn Post Swipe File, containing dozens of examples of effective posts you can get inspiration from, or use as a template.

LinkedIn Comment Swipe File

Get comment-writing inspiration from the best.

Our LinkedIn Comment Swipe File, containing dozens of examples of effective comments you can get inspiration from, or use as a template.

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