Affiliate Program

Get Paid Thousands of $$By Partnering With Aware

How It Works

Have a newsletter, mailing list, large network, or social media following? Simply recommend Aware via those channels, and get paid cash money for all referred sign-ups.

While many SaaS affiliate programs limit the payouts to 6-12 months, we pay out for the life of the referred customer. This can add up fast.

Aware Affiliate Sign Up

Earn 30% Lifetime Commission

By introducing the LinkedIn aficionados in your network to Aware.

Who Is Our Target Customer?

Aware has several plans all with different target audiences.


Our Creator plan is mainly around analytics and is best for individuals with a small budget who want to get insights into how their LinkedIn profile, content, and engagements are performing.

AEs, Agencies, Consultants, Founders.

The Professional plan adds the ability to create custom feeds to quickly engage with all the people you want to monitor in one place. This can be customers, competitors, prospects, advocates, influencers, or whoever you want. This is our most popular plan and is ideal for social sellers and those who want to grow their audience (fast!).

B2B & Financial Sales Teams

The Team plan is all that plus team features such as team analytics, and the ability to sync all activity to Salesforce (and Hubspot coming soon). While all referrals add up, referrals to this plan have extra potential, as it’s our highest-priced plan, and by nature is best for multi-seat accounts. At $49 per seat, if you refer a 20-seat customer, you’re generating $294 in pure margin per month, every month, on autopilot.

Marketing Inspiration

Looking for some ways to message our value proposition?

First, start with our website has plenty of screenshots, images, and copy.

Next, Alex’s LinkedIn feed has a lot of on-brand messaging you can look through:

Some examples of LinkedIn promotional posts about Aware can be found below 👇

Example 1

Example 2

Example 3

Example 4

Aware Affiliate Sign Up

Earn 30% Lifetime Commission

By introducing your friends and coworkers (or your sales ops mrg!) to Aware.