22 Types of LinkedIn Posts That Work Well In 2024

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Key Takeaways: 22 Types of LinkedIn Posts

  1. Personal Stories
  2. Business Stories
  3. News or Trending Topics
  4. Interesting Statistics
  5. Case Studies
  6. User-Generated Content
  7. Asking Questions or Seeking Opinions
  8. Motivational Quotes
  9. Sharing and Promoting Content
  10. Third-party Content or Testimonials
  11. Behind the Scenes / Office Tour
  12. Company Achievements and Milestones
  13. How-to Guides and Tutorials
  14. Professional Accomplishments
  15. User Customer Reviews or Feedback
  16. Industry Insights and Analysis
  17. Employee Features or Interviews
  18. Polls or Surveys
  19. Event Announcements
  20. Job Postings
  21. Partnership Announcements
  22. Charity or CSR Initiatives

22 Types of LinkedIn Posts To Utilize in 2023

The best way to grow your engagement on LinkedIn is to stay consistent with your posting, and not posting too much or too little.

This makes people more familiar with seeing you in their feed, and results in network growth, better relationships with your audience, and more success with LinkedIn.

But the most challenging part about posting consistently is getting the inspiration for what to post about.

In this guide, we go over 22 types of LinkedIn posts that you can use as inspiration, for both companies and individuals.

From personal stories to industry insights, these post types aim to help inspire you and put out quality content that allows you to grow your network and nurture better relationships.

Personal Stories

Personal Stories are posts that share personal experiences or lessons.

For: Individuals

Benefit: Personal stories can humanize your online presence and foster deeper connections. By sharing personal experiences or lessons, you allow others to see a more authentic side of you.

LinkedIn Personal Story Post

Business Stories

Business stories are posts that showcase your company’s values, culture, and journey.

For: Businesses

Benefit: These stories can illustrate your company’s values, culture, and journey. It gives followers a deeper understanding of what your business stands for, increasing trust and loyalty.

linkedin business story about tripling revenue by increasing minimum wage

News or Trending Topics

News or trending topic posts cover current events, news, or trending topics within your industry.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Staying current with industry news shows you’re informed and engaged. It also encourages dialogue and keeps your network updated.

Example: Covering the recent discovery of LK-99

linkedin post about lk-99
expanded linkedin post about lk-99

Interesting Statistics

An interesting statistics post is a post that shares data or statistics that provide insights into a particular industry or topic.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Sharing statistics provides evidence-based insights that can underscore your points and spark conversation. It helps in positioning you or your business as knowledgeable and data-driven.

statistics post on linkedin

Case Studies

A case study is a type of post that demonstrates how a product or service has solved a real-world problem.

For: Businesses

Benefit: Case studies demonstrate how your products or services have solved real-world problems. They offer concrete examples of success, boosting credibility, and helping potential clients visualize how they might benefit from your offerings.

Example: The Energy Minister for Prince Edward Island covering how he improved the presence of solar power by implementing a residential solar rebate.

case study on linkedin

User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content refers to any content created by users or customers, such as reviews, testimonials, or social media posts.

You can promote UGC from your audience by sharing posts from your audience or starting hashtags.

For: Businesses

Benefit: Sharing content created by users fosters community and shows appreciation for your customers. It can enhance credibility and provide authentic endorsements of your products or services.

Asking Questions or Seeking Opinions

Asking questions or seeking opinions on LinkedIn involves posting a question or statement to encourage engagement and build relationships with your network.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Asking questions or seeking opinions can spark dialogue and engagement. It provides insights into what your audience thinks and helps in building relationships.

Example: A poll asking what their company prioritizes

asking questions in the form of a poll post on linkedin

Motivational Quotes

A motivational quote is a short phrase or statement that is intended to inspire and uplift the reader.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Sharing motivational quotes can inspire and uplift your network. It reflects a positive attitude and can resonate with many in your community.

linkedin motivational quotes

Sharing and Promoting Content

Sharing and promoting content involves either sharing your own or others’ content.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: It demonstrates your engagement with the industry and supports others in your field.

Third-party Content or Testimonials

Third-party content or testimonials refer to content or feedback created or shared by individuals or sources outside of your company.

This can include endorsements, reviews, or recommendations from satisfied clients or reputable sources in your industry.

For: Businesses

Benefit: Third-party content and testimonials offer unbiased perspectives on your products or services. They build trust by providing proof of satisfaction from real clients or reputable sources.

Behind the Scenes / Office Tour

A behind the scenes post is a type of LinkedIn post that provides a glimpse into your workplace or company culture. It can include photos, videos, or text that show the day-to-day operations of your business, such as team collaboration or a creative workspace.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Providing a behind-the-scenes look at your workplace humanizes your brand and offers transparency. It builds trust and shows your audience the real people behind the products or services.

Company Achievements and Milestones

A company achievement post is a type of LinkedIn post that celebrates a significant accomplishment or milestone of a business.

This can include reaching a certain revenue goal, launching a new product or service, or commemorating a significant anniversary.

For: Businesses

Benefit: Celebrating achievements and milestones fosters pride among team members and builds credibility with clients. It’s an opportunity to show growth, success, and gratitude.

How-to Guides and Tutorials

A how-to guide or tutorial is a type of LinkedIn post that provides step-by-step instructions or information on a particular topic or skill.

These posts aim to educate and inform your audience and position you or your business as experts in a particular area.

How-to guides and tutorials can cover anything from using a specific tool to explaining a complex industry concept.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: How-to guides and tutorials provide value by teaching something new or simplifying complex topics. They position you or your business as experts and help in building trust.

Professional Accomplishments

A professional accomplishment post is a type of LinkedIn post that highlights an individual’s recent achievements or success in their field.

These posts can include promotions, completed projects, or recognition within their industry.

For: Individuals

Benefit: Sharing professional accomplishments recognizes hard work and success. It builds credibility and may inspire others in your network to strive for their goals.

User Customer Reviews or Feedback

For: Businesses

Benefit: Sharing customer reviews or feedback offers social proof of the value you provide. It enhances credibility and can significantly influence potential customers’ decisions.

Industry Insights and Analysis

Industry insights provide valuable information and insights into industry trends, news, and developments.

It can cover topics such as market trends, emerging technologies, and new regulations, among others.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Offering insights or analysis on industry trends showcases your expertise and keeps your network informed. It promotes thought leadership and provides valuable content to your audience. If you have valuable insights and analytics, people will share your post around and you will get a wider reach from it.

Industry Insights Post

Employee Features or Interviews

An employee feature or interview is a type of LinkedIn post that highlights an employee or team member, showcasing their achievements or contributions to the company.

It can involve an interview with the employee or a feature on their work or background.

For: Businesses

Benefit: Featuring employees or sharing interviews builds a sense of community and showcases the human side of your business. It can foster pride among staff and create a more relatable and engaging brand image.

LinkedIn Featured Employee Post

Polls or Surveys

A poll is a type of survey where a question is posed to a group of people in order to gather their opinions or preferences.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Conducting polls or surveys encourages engagement and provides insights into your audience’s preferences or opinions. It’s a great way to make decisions backed by your community’s input.

LinkedIn Poll

Event Announcements

An event announcement is a type of LinkedIn post that announces an upcoming event, such as a corporate event or a community gathering.

For: Both Individuals and Businesses

Benefit: Announcing events helps in spreading the word and building anticipation. Whether it’s a corporate event or a community gathering, such posts can drive attendance and create buzz.

LinkedIn Event Announcement Post

Job Postings

A job posting is an announcement made by a company or organization on a platform, such as LinkedIn, to advertise an open position or job vacancy that needs to be filled.

It typically includes details about the job title, responsibilities, requirements, and how to apply.

Making a post about the job opening as well as listing it on the LinkedIn job board gives you a larger reach of candidates to choose from

For: Businesses

Benefit: Sharing job openings on LinkedIn reaches a targeted professional audience. It’s an effective way to attract qualified candidates and can showcase your company as a desirable place to work.

Job posting example

Partnership Announcements

A partnership announcement is a type of LinkedIn post that announces a collaborative relationship between two companies or organizations.

It can include details about the nature of the partnership, the benefits to both parties, and how it will impact customers or clients.

For: Businesses

Benefit: Announcing partnerships emphasizes collaboration and growth. It can boost both companies’ reputations and showcase alignment in values and objectives.

Partnership announcement post

Charity or CSR Initiatives

A charity or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiative post is a type of LinkedIn post that shares your company’s involvement in social or environmental causes.

For: Businesses

Benefit: Sharing your company’s involvement in charity or CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives showcases commitment to social values and community engagement. It resonates with socially conscious consumers and strengthens your brand image.

charity post