Here, you’ll find tutorial videos for the most popular features in Aware.

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Creating a Dynamic Feed Using Topics or Hashtags

Do you want to see all posts containing the phrase “Renewable Energy”, “Company Intranet”, or “#socialselling OR #salesnavigator”?

Be creative!

Think of what words your target market uses in their posts, and create a dynamic list that only shows posts with those keywords in them.

Then, engage with those posts all from one place.

“My Lists” > “Create List from Author/Content Search”

Creating a Custom Feed By Specifying People

Let’s say you want to create a custom feed of certain people:

  • Your top 20 customers.
  • Your 50 target account prospects.
  • Your 15 best channel/agency partners.
  • Or anything else

Here’s how to do it!

P.S. We suggest keeping the total number of specified people you monitor via custom lists, to no more than 50-100. You can add more than that, but we won’t always show you the most current posts if so, to avoid putting too much pressure on the LinkedIn API.

“My Lists” > “Create List by Specifying People”

Engage With Your Community Network

Sharing is caring, and in the world of LinkedIn, engaging with people who engage with you, means more momentum and reach for your account.

Learn how to engage with your close network of people who comment on your posts the most often!

“Community” Module

Track Your Performance Metrics

Every seller, marketer, and entrepreneur needs to track their performance metrics in order to succeed.

We show you all of the relevant LinkedIn analytics you need for your account, in the Performance tab. Read more about analytics here.

“Performance” Module

Engage With Industry Influencers

Not sure where to start? Pick one of our pre-built industry influencer lists, like “Sales” or “VC” or “Professional Services”, and engage with posts by people in those niches who already have a strong voice.

Whether you comment on their post right after it comes out or hours or even days later, don’t worry about being “late”. Get your comment out there, and try to make it good!

“Influencers” Module

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