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Integrate LinkedIn ActivitiesTo Hubspot CRM

Push connection requests, direct messages, comments, and post engagements to Hubspot Contacts as Completed Tasks.


Put It All In CRM

LinkedIn Activity Reporting for Sales Managers & RevOps

Who’s doing the most LinkedIn activity? How are connections, DMs, and comments driving pipeline? Wonder no more.

linkedin hubspot integration example

LinkedIn Activity Attribution

Whether you use Contacts Only, or also Leads, finally get a timeline of activities right in Hubspot. No need for manual clicking and logging – it’s all done automatically!

Get visibility on all of the social selling that your reps are doing: DMs, comments, likes, and connections.

Customize and Configure

Let admins enforce mappings and settings across the org. On a per-rep basis, give each user the ability to customize their level of sync, for privacy reasons. Skip or enable certain activity types based on what your org finds most valuable. 

Types of Salesforce Activities That Sync to LinkedIn
Hubspot reporting example of LinkedIn DM tasks

Native Hubspot Reporting

Aware gives you a built-in team dashboard. Use that, or use Hubspot! Just run a Completed Tasks or Contacts report, filter it, and get your own social selling dashboard right in CRM.

“If it’s not in Hubspot, it doesn’t exist”: finally, LinkedIn sales efforts “exists”.


Strategic Integration Support for Sales Ops & Sales Leadership

Our team can advise on dashboard buildouts, support Hubspot report customization, and bring in lead scoring and social selling experts.

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How do you match LinkedIn profiles to Hubspot Contacts?

The primary and most reliable way that we match is based on the LinkedIn Profile URL, which you must map to the Contact field in the integration settings. If you don’t have this field reliably populated, we can help enrich your CRM for you, or connect you with a data partner that can have this set up and done automatically.

Will you flood my instance with new records?

You can choose whether you want us to only push LinkedIn activities to Hubspot for existing records, or whether you want us to create new Lead records too.

We also enable you to select which lead source you want any newly-created records to have, as well.

What can I do with LinkedIn data in Hubspot?

RevOps leaders have brought so many creative ideas to us that we’ve helped bring to life. Some include:

1. Automating the scoring of certain Contacts based on LinkedIn engagement behavior (e.g. they commented on the CEO’s post, or they replied to a rep’s message)

2. Automatically enriching incoming new Contacts with Clay, and sending out messages or adding those people to ad campaigns.

3. Building social selling dashboards to prove the ROI on LinkedIn efforts to the CRO, CEO, and the board of directors.

And so much more. We’d love to hear your ideas.

How is this different from the Sales Navigator integration?

We are not affiliated with LinkedIn, we just use it heavily and wish that more sales data was available in Hubspot, where it belongs. The Sales Navigator integration pushes Notes, Inmails, and Company level data to Hubspot. Where we differe is that we don’t push any of that data to Hubspot; rather, we focus on pushing sales activities (messages, comments, connections, reactions) to CRM as Completed Tasks.

Is Aware an official LinkedIn partner?

We wish, but no we are not.

Does Aware have security certifications?

We have not yet chosen to pursue a SOC II, ISO, or other certification. However, because of how little data we handle, we have passed security reviews for even the most stringent of tech companies (such as those who work with health systems and hospitals).

What kind of support do you offer?

We’re happy to offer a full walkthrough, onboarding and integration support, and ongoing support as needed for your integration. We want you to succeed, and we believe in providing a solution, not just “software”.

What is the monthly investment per user?

Anyone may sign up for our Teams plan at $49/mo, with a 7-day free trial, with no minimum number of seats and no contract required. Teams of multiple users are encouraged to contact us for a discount based on your volume of users, starting at -20% off list price and reaching up to -65% off list price for large organizations. We also offer meaningful discounts for prepaying 6-12 months up front, and other things your procurement team will love.

What are your contract terms?

You don’t need to sign a separate contract with us other than agreeing to our Terms of Service. However, many of our customers choose to do so to achieve pricing certainty and unlock better discounts, plus to establish a relationship with us.


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